boiled eggs

A pot of peelings

There is no good reason to throw onion peelings straight to the compost. The robes of a humble onion serve a far nobler purpose, and that is to make boiled eggs taste (and look) better. This is a new discovery for me, and one that I learnt at my latest workaway in Israel. I’ve been spending my days with

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Risotto & other things

For someone who doesn’t particularly like risotto, I do love making it. This is a recent discovery, and a good one, too. After a pretty stressful few weeks, making risotto feels like a meditative release. There’s something about the ritual of it; taking time to slowly feed a pot of rice until they swell into little

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beetroot leaves

And the beet goes on

Buying a bunch of beets with the leaves still attached will give you more meals for your buck. Tamar Adler (an absolute hero when it comes to cooking well and wasting little), says this: “beets love to be roasted, are better cold than hot, and wait, without losing their pluck, to be turned into different

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