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Welsh grandmothers say it like it is

“I’ve had three heart attacks, love, and I’m still here, no point in being miserable”. There’s nothing quite like a Welsh woman of 92 to put this lockdown into perspective. Read Ella’s story and try these welshcakes.

Fish heads and freezer wisdom

They’ll throw the fish heads in the bin if I don’t buy them. I stick them in the freezer to use in soups. They’re full of flavour, says Nolda. Read on for Nolda’s very frugal fish soup with Jamaican dumplings.

roast squash peel

Winter squash

I’m eating a snack while I write this. It’s a bowl of squash seeds (that I saved from the butternut squash I roasted a couple of nights ago), dried out in a low oven with sea salt and chilli flakes. I’ve been taking advice from The Natural Cook – a cookbook, written by eco-chef Tom

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