A few dusty onions

“If you ever find yourself longing to cook a good vegetable but there is none in sight, get a deep pot and dig eight to ten plain, big, dusty onions from your pantry, or the cold, dark onion bin at your nearest store. Then caramelise them.” …how Tamar Adler starts the chapter, How to Find

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Istria, Slovenia

My brief month in the Istrian region of Slovenia – the south-western part that borders Croatia and the sea – has been a good one. I’ve been busy eating to be honest, and for that reason, I’m sorry for not writing sooner. It’s a hard life! (sorry, someone shoot me). It’s tricky to pin Slovenia

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The simple life

I couldn’t very well leave Italy without banging on about pasta first. I love pasta. It’s simple and inexpensive, and comes into its own only when few ingredients are used – Italy’s answer to eating frugally. Italians have an innate ability to do it well. They know the rules and stick by them. When I was

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Soil and soul

Soil. I’ve never seen, talked about and moved so much of the stuff as I have in the past couple of weeks. My second workaway has brought me and Ben to the Prosecco hillsides of Veneto in north-east Italy. It’s a beautiful background for what became a fortnight of adequately hard labour. We dug holes, planted

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greens at market

Seasons greens

I bloody love leafy greens. Mainly because they are never in short supply, even in winter. And secondly because they’re impossible to waste; so willing they are to adapt to whatever’s on the stove. Chard, kale and beet tops have pretty much formed the mainstay of my meals over the last few months of winter;

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beetroot leaves

And the beet goes on

Buying a bunch of beets with the leaves still attached will give you more meals for your buck. Tamar Adler (an absolute hero when it comes to cooking well and wasting little), says this: “beets love to be roasted, are better cold than hot, and wait, without losing their pluck, to be turned into different

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