jam omelette

Reduce waste? Look to your grandmother

“Today, people may think of eating “waste” as a novelty exercise or a passing culinary trend, but really it’s the basis of cuisine – codifying a way of farming, cooking, and eating that responds to the demands of a landscape. How do we make these traditions accessible for everyday eaters? The first step is simple:

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Fasting and feasting with Patience Gray

Forgive me for going on about eggs and potatoes, again. A very bare vegetable box, and a strong urge to eat all things comforting and simple are to blame. So eggs and potatoes it is. Fittingly, I’m re-reading a brilliant book by home-cook and writer, Patience Grey, called, Honey from a Weed: Fasting and Feasting in Tuscany, Catalan,

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Dolloped and fried

Growing up, pancakes were a staple dinner. Not the fluffy American ones, it was the thin crêpes, rolled up with ham and cheese or lemon and sugar, that my ma would make (she is French I guess). Shrove Tuesday or not, there they’d be, at least every few weeks. Perhaps it’s for this reason that

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