Hi there. My name is Malou. I’m a freelance food writer and editor, focused on sustainability, food waste, ethics and food history. I write to record the frugal food traditions and fading heritage of older generations, as well as promoting more planet-friendly, waste-free cooking.

I mainly spend my time heading up the blog for ethical grocer, Farmdrop, accosting grandmothers in their kitchens, cooking, and making storecupboard staples from scratch (vinegar and butter, new obsessions). I also work for various food brands and chefs who are dedicated to promoting better food for people and planet. I contribute to Borough Market, as well as National Geographic, Roads & Kingdoms and Olive Magazine.

So why food and sustainability? I started out working as deputy editor for Jamie Oliver, editing his recipes, writing his columns, making his cookbooks and working on his campaigns to get more people cooking from scratch. In the (almost) five years I worked with him, Jamie taught me a lot about why and how our food choices have a huge impact on our health and the planet.  In 2016, I left my wonderful job and my home in London to travel solo around eastern Europe and the Caucasus to work on eco-farms, stay in rural communities and learn from the women who’ve been cooking and eating like this for hundreds of years. Now, back in London, I’m still writing, still cooking, still eating.

Work with me

Hit me up if you know any frugal cooks with a story to tell or a meal to share. You have a story you want telling, or you’re a sustainable food business, organisation or chef seeking branding copy, recipe editing, help with tone of voice or anything else words-related. Email me: mk.herkes [at] gmail.com

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